Jesús Llerena

Welcome to my portfolio. Creative and Personal Photography that captures your story. I love photography! I enjoy capturing unique, beautiful images of you and your family.  Contact me to book a session!

I’m a big proponent of that you don’t have to go far to make an interesting photo. it doesn’t have to be this like, far-flung place. The people around you are already interesting, you just have to pay attention to them. that are meaningful when you care about you’re photographing. i’am naturally a shy person it takes a lot for me to approach  somebody that I don’t know but, the best advice that I can give is have a conversation, spend time with that individual, the place. Once you do won’t regret it.

I’m also passionate about in graphic design, I have extensive experience and am ready to boost your profile or business. I think creatively about challenges and implement strategies for effective solutions. Staying up-to-date on current design trends is an important part of my design process. 

You can see examples of my work here.